Vicky Niblack and Misha Heacock

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These were the 15 girls we lived with in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.
Top row, left to right: Pamela, Abigail, "Auntie" Misha, Charity, Hellen, Chipo K, Aletta, Perfect, Talent, Chipo M, "Auntie" Vicky

Bottom row: Cassandra, Stella, Locadia, Grace, Chipo C

Several people from home sent new swimsuits for the girls, so we had told them if they jumped in, they would get a secret prize. Being winter there, the water was frigid, but they all bounded in, and were delighted to see and try out the new suits! Thanks to all who sent them!


The girls loved to dance and were amazingly coordinated- we loved to watch them, and they loved the audience!





African life has taught the girls to use their head, literally. Women carry enormous loads on their heads, and they balance precarious and heavy loads daily for sometimes long distances.



They had no qualms about killing, plucking and skinning three fresh chickens. We were a little traumatized by the brutal sawing off of the head with a little steak knife, but amused to see the live production of "a chicken running around with his head cut off."


These same chickens landed on our table that night, and we had a tutorial on how to eat the head (including ripping apart the head at the beak). The brain went down a little slow, and the intestine was just a tad rubbery. I'm sticking with drumsticks from now on.

A very typical pose


The daily walks to school..




Josie and Aaron, the houseparents of the girls' home, and our wonderful hosts!


Nightly readings of Hudson Taylor's biography...


...and (paraphrased) Jane Eyre.


A school outside of Harare we visited. One textbook to every 4-6 children and simplle practice book was all they used. School fees for one child for a term is about $3, but many can't pay.


A lunch feeding program at a church where we helped. For many attending children this was the first and possibly only meal of the day, even though the church was situated in one of the wealthier areas of Harare.


Martha, who runs this feeding program


Francesca, who had the initial vision for having homes for hte AIDS orphans of Zimbabwe, runs one of the homes with 15 younger boys and girls. She's amazing!


Glen Miller, director of Hands of Hope, at Francesca's home.


Vicky speaking at Mabelreign Girl's High School to an assembly of about 600 girls, all standing, filling up the large gym.


Answering questions afterwards, and marvelous questions... "How do I overcome fear in my life?" "What do I do if I am falsely accused by everyone I know?" "How do I know who God is?"


The backyard of our home- you'd think we were in a Hawaiian resort! (Note Misha on the right sunbathing...)


We chopped down and braided one of the 10' dying palm branches... such fun!


Zimbabwe Work Zimbabwe Play Ethiopia